Striking A Balance

Life Is A Lot About Balance.

Striking balance between what is too little and what is too much is a constant challenge. Most often if not always our notion of what and how much is okay, is formed by movies, books, stereotypes, the environment, and the culture around us. But the sad part is these are all either mere generalizations or conclusions drawn for a very specific situation, and because we don’t have any other data or instance to fall back on we constantly try to conform to one of these standards.

Each Of Our Lives Is Unique And Our Challenges Different.

In spite of this if we try to bring a balance that is not unique to our situation then maybe we need to change our perspective. The key to striking the right balance is getting to know the prevalent practice and why it is such, comparing it to our current situation, and altering it as necessary.


Our definitions of balance in a household are either, division of work where the male earns and female takes care of the house or where both partners are working and they divide all duties such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. equally. Anything even slightly different is considered unfair. That doesn’t have to be the case. The balance must be individualistic. If one can take up more work and more responsibility then he/she must. That is balance because then both are working at their optimum potential.

The above is just a mere example as it is simple and relates to almost everyone. But striking a balance is about much more than that. It is about every small aspect of life such as work-life balance, How much social life is good? How grand or simple the wedding must be? How much to save and how much to spend? How much social media is good? How much eating out is good? How much to focus on what? All the important questions in life almost always boil down to striking a balance.


The balance must feel right as opposed to must look right to others or must be as others deem right. Trying to conform to standards that don’t match our situation creates a lot of resentment and unrealistic expectations. It strains relationships not because someone is not doing their bit but because our definition of what is his/her bit is not right. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to find your own unique balance.

The realization that you don’t need to conform to any standards as far as what you are doing is right will give you a deep sense of liberation. It will also reduce a lot of unnecessary dissatisfaction.

Strike the right balance and be happy!!

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  1. Strike your own balance!!..
    So true..than only life moves smoothly..
    And Supriya…you have documented it very systematically!!

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