Choices We Make

We make choices everyday

Each choice leaves impact

Life goes on but choices remain

Flow with the flow or against it

It is not always a choice, yet

Those are the choices that we make


Amongst all the roads

The one appearing best is chosen

It is walked upon, maybe till the end

The road might have a dead end

Is the journey worth the choice?

Yet it was a choice we made


Do we repent? Yes we do!

Do we fear? Yes we do!

Do we get confused? Yes we do!

Do we cry? Yes we do!

Do we feel weak? Yes we do!

Do we stop making choices? No we don’t!!


Every choice leaves a trail behind

It is not about the choices

It is about living with the choices we make

Being Happy and Content with them

Making the most out of each choice, Facing

Consequences yet moving on and making choices.

1 thought on “Choices We Make”

  1. Very Lite to read.
    obvious yet many of us find it difficult to understand this basic life skill of making choices and living by them.

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