The Courage to Try and the Courage to Fail

Amongst many things that pull me back from trying something new or taking a bold step is the most prominent one is COURAGE. The courage to accept failure. The courage to just start and allow life to run its course.

It is very deep-rooted

This intrinsic trait of being fearful is very deep rooted. It holds me back almost always. I always thought I will know what to do in life at some point, what my passion is someday. I always thought it will come to me, but years have gone by and I am living with the flow of life.

Upon deep introspection I realized that this fear is imbedded so deeply in me that it doesn’t allow my brain to come up with ideas as well. Even if I have good ideas I will instantly dismiss them. I fill my head all the 1000 reasons why it will not work out.

Realizing that the only thing standing between me and a wonderful life is Courage, was not only surprising but also eye opening.

I found it everywhere

Once I started finding the reason why I am unable to overcome a lot of my weakness is that I lack the courage to push myself. I am not taking up exercise in the morning because I am too afraid that my routine is already hectic and I may end up straining myself further. It is astonishing that I don’t even dare to try it for a few days before declaring that it is not possible. Analyzing every small and big setback and weakness, all roads are leading back to Courage.

It hit me Hard

When I tried to put in words what is wrong, it hit me and it hit me very hard.

“I don’t have the courage to be the person I want to be.”

Suddenly I started noticing people all around me who had tried many things and failed and tried again. And how I have always played it safe. Tried only the things that I knew I could do well.

The Courage to Fail

Working hard on an idea consistently and not giving up, battling the thousand thoughts that say it won’t work out and still giving it your best shot is the courage to fail.

Many a times having the courage to fail shields you from failing. It allows you to take risks and do what needs to be done to succeed.

The courage to try

I am okay where I am, but to be a better person I need the courage to try. To achieve more, to be happier and healthier than I am today I need the courage to try and the guts to face the fear of failure, because even if I don’t succeed I will be a better person anyway because I would have learnt a lot along the way.

All we require is the Courage to Try and the Courage to Accept the Possibility of Failure.

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