Don’t Judge Others but Don’t Judge Yourself Too

It’s okay not to be okay.

Stepping into the world of adulting I have realized that being aware of our self and knowing what is going on both mentally and physically is very essential to deal with most life situations.

It is very hard to acknowledge that in spite of all things being apparently okay, you don’t feel okay. I just want to put it out there that it is okay to not feel okay.

It is okay to feel overwhelmed.
It is okay to feel confused and lacking direction.
It is okay to not feel happy and elated all the time.
It is okay to take time to figure things out.
It is okay to feel like you are going nowhere.

Life is a Journey

I can say it is okay because life is a journey, a process of learning and it is a process. Not giving ourselves the space to learn, grow, make mistakes, stumble upon the way before standing tall, is something that a lot of us do, mostly subconsciously.

I just cannot go easy on myself, and that is not okay. Yes, I need to push myself to do better each day but I need to know where to pause as well.

Recently during a conversation someone said, we all need to be more human. That made a lot of sense to me. More human as in, laugh aloud or be childish at times, treating yourself sometimes without guilt, or maybe taking a vacation and believing that you deserve it.

How I am with the world is a great reflection of how I am with myself. Looking at only my life makes it seem very overwhelming and tough, but taking a look at a lot of other people’s lives makes me feel like, probably I have it better than most in a lot of ways.

Have written after a long time and though the thoughts are not fully organized but I felt like I needed to put this out there. To just say It’s okay to not be okay, or to put it more accurately It is okay to take time to be okay and even if no one else understands or even if you cannot explain why, it is okay.

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