Life Someday

One day in life you realize
You grew up, each one of
Us bears within us a
Child a sweet innocent one
But still, all of us grow up

You realize you’ll have to
Move ahead and take responsibility
The usual stuff you can’t run away
From but still that small child
Yearns for a lot of care

Life someday shows you all
The cruel realities and you
Have to accept them all, but
There is this child, he forgets
All of this and smiles on.

Life someday will be happy if
We can keep that innocence
Alive, not hide but let it flow
Walk along with that child and
Life someday will be happy

If you can be a little more real
A little less fake, a sweet smile
A little more yourself, a true
Heart and a pure soul then
Life someday will be…

Life shouldn’t be happy someday,
It must be made happy every day
And it’ll be happy each day
If you can find that child
Hidden somewhere within you…

By Supriya Jain

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