A Word With My Heart!!

Do you ask me every time you do something wrong?
Yes, you do! But you just don’t listen!
I am a part of you! I am you and you are me!
ou blame me for your moods, then should I not blame you,
Blame you for mistakes that hurt me in the end

Do you ask me every time you do something right?
You thank me for guiding you and I am grateful
Grateful that you gave me the happiness
Happiness through all the good you did!
You made me content and smiled with me.

Do you ask me every time you need help?
Look deeper, you’ll find all you want and more!
I am happiness, I am sorrow, I cry, I laugh
Talk to me in silence and I will answer
I am there for you at all times in all places

Do you ask me every time in doubt?
I might not meet you over a cup of coffee
But am no less than your truest friend
Your life is very much mine too
Let us live it in harmony and love

Yours Lovingly,
Your Heart

By Supriya Jain

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