I Believe I Can Do Almost Any Job

I believe I can do almost any job. It might feel like I am boasting but it is far from that. I have come a long way to be able to say this. This doesn’t mean I can wake up tomorrow and be an astronaut, but this means that I am coming to terms with how life is.

Life Advice

My father always said, “Life throws challenges and tests at us all the time. If it is easy and doable then it is not a test and another one is waiting just around the corner; so be prepared.” He always taught me to be prepared. He said life is uncertain and being able to deal with that uncertainty is life. A lot of what he said and taught me has become second nature to me now.

Having just passed out of college, good at academics but little to no experience of anything else, I could describe myself as shaky at best.  But then as I like to call it ‘Life Happened’. I started working in completely new and unknown fields, be it in my personal or work life. I was doing work that I didn’t know how to do, I didn’t have a boss or superior to teach it to me nor had I ever done something similar.

The Crux

Along the path, I realized I had learned one thing very well which was ‘How to learn’. Not knowing how to do something is no longer a limitation for me. I know if I try I can learn most things. It is very empowering and gives me the confidence to face life head-on.

The confidence that whatever life throws at me I can handle it or at least I know I can learn to handle it gives me immense satisfaction and peace. It enables me to push my limits and take up challenges. It gives me hope and ambition.

The Journey

The beginning is always scary and full of self-doubt but having gone through it once, makes it a lot easier for the coming times. During the first few times, the lines between possibility and rejection were very blurred. I thought if it involves rejection it should go into the maybe pile. Sorting in such a manner I was only left with a Maybe Pile. Slowing I started comprehending it and started taking some risks.

Certain skills are required to do a job and most of the basic skills are common and the rest is technical know-how which can be learned along the way. Also, seeking jobs in our comfort zone is a mindset. Letting go of this mindset will definitely open new horizons and opportunities.

The Destination

Life is ever-changing along with home; career and responsibilities, there are various emotional and practical things to consider. Hence, I hate to break it to you but there is no destination. It is a journey forever. At different stages in life, we ought to take up different roles. Trying to walk out of my comfort zone and embracing life is what has made me fearless. It has given me the confidence not only to say that I can do any JOB but also to put it up on the internet open to judgment and criticism.

The ability to learn is one of the most important skills required in today’s world. Mastering that could be a solution to many dilemmas throughout the career.

What this article intends to convey:

  1. Don’t stop learning once out of school and college.
  2. Take it up to learn at least one new skill or technique a month.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to job titles or specific industries. Be fluid.

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