How I Build Relationships that are Deep and Meaningful

Happiness comes from within but we always need people to share it with. Deeper and meaningful relations elevate our quality of life and give us a deep sense of satisfaction and comfort.

Knowing that I have people in my life on whom I can count and they will always be there for me no matter what feels like an achievement. It is not as difficult as it seems because everyone is in constant need of comfort, care, and security. So, most of the time it is already a two-way street and both are willing to build the relation.

There are few simple fundamentals I follow while interacting with people and that is why I am able to build deeper and meaningful relations.

Sharing feelings

All of us have inhibitions to share things that are personal or feelings that are innermost; this is what comes in the way of most relationships. If I don’t open up, I can be a very good acquaintance or at best a good company. I speak my heart, I try to be as raw and honest as possible. Nothing touches the heart more than seeing the true side of a person.

Spending Time Together

Spending one on one time is the key to building a meaningful relationship. It will set the tone for the relation. Being a part of a group of colleagues or friends doesn’t necessarily mean you share a deep bond with each one of them. I make it a point to spend time together, getting to know each other is what opens the door for a real friendship.

Don’t Judge

When the other person is sharing his/her feelings, experiences, or narrating an incident, DON’T JUDGE. I try to make him/her feel understood. If I am unable to accept, I try to reason and understand why and how things turned out. It is wise to give an opposing opinion in a friendly manner and state reasons but it is still not okay to judge.

Seize Opportunities

Never try to build a relationship when you need something because that will never work in the long run. I believe in keeping working constantly towards building relations. I also try to be especially available and receptive when someone else is in need. This is a great opportunity to take a simple friendship and turn it into something extraordinary.

Small Gestures

Actions speak louder than words. Doing small things for the people you care about makes all the difference. I make an effort to let people know that I have been thinking of them. I take time out and maybe cook a dish and invite them to dinner for no reason other than to spend quality time. It generally turns out to be therapeutic for both of us.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

A missed birthday or anniversary shouldn’t be any cause for stirring up a cyclone. If the relationship is really at a deeper level such trivial things won’t matter in the long run. I try not to bother myself with petty things like she did not even thank me. I look at the bigger picture.

Be Sensitive

I put myself in his/her shoes. Understanding what and why someone feels is the first step to building awesome relations. Most of us know what is going on but we refuse to acknowledge or give credit to the person who bravely pulls through. I feel being mindful of others’ feelings is the least I can do.

Relationships that are fulfilling and meaningful help me stay in a good frame of mind. It is a fallback. Putting time and effort into it has dual benefits, you end up with a deeper relationship, the journey is very exhilarating and wonderful as well.

2 thoughts on “How I Build Relationships that are Deep and Meaningful”

  1. Yes.. Beautiful points on building relationships..
    Sometimes, we are conditioned to a great extent to wear the masks and due to which we get our true identity for a toss and everything seems to be on a surface level..
    Nice read..

  2. Hola! I’ve been following your weblog for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the good job!

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